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“Magnus is commercially oriented and a highly competent provider of legal services in general and, in addition, possesses expert knowledge in a large variety of TIME related areas of law. His personality makes it easy and pleasant to collaborate with him, both as a colleague and as a client.”

Nina Wittholt,
General Counsel


Welcome to Brorsson Business Law


Brorsson Business Law is a small but experienced Swedish law firm specialized in contract law - with an emphasis on IT-contracts, corporate law, M&A and litigation.

The firm was founded in 2005 by Magnus Brorsson, an experienced business lawyer, formerly with the renowned business law firm Delphi in Stockholm. Magnus Brorsson has in his practice assisted a number of large and small business entities, ranging from the very small to the very big, among them some of the largest corporations in the world. Magnus Brorsson has also been legal counsel to the Swedish government.

Brorsson Business Law has offices in Gothenburg and Kungsbacka but is active all over Sweden, especially though in the Gothenburg and Stockholm regions.

bulletNew book   bulletMagnus Brorsson appears in new book

Magnus Brorsson has written a book aimed at helping smaller businesses understand business law. The book can be ordered here.

  Our CEO Magnus Brorsson is being interviewed in a new book called Mind Your Own Business among several of Sweden's most celebrated entrepreneurs.